Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)
First Aid at Work (FAW)
Stretcher Packaging - & - M.A.R.S Resuscitator

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Operatives – Confined Space Utilities.

First Aid and Resuscitation

All persons who enter confined spaces or act as a “Top Attendant” must be suitably trained in emergency procedures, including any appropriate first aid and artificial resuscitation.

When working/rescue breathing apparatus is provided/used a suitable means of resuscitation, as determined within the risk assessment, must be provided and the site team must include a suitably trained qualified First Aider.

The First Aider must not be part of the team who enters the confined space, nor may he/she be the “Top Attendant” controlling the activity.

Where risk assessment identifies the possibility that a significant abnormal condition may develop, specialist first aid facilities and competence may be required.

If resuscitation is likely to be attempted within the Confined Space when breathing apparatus is being used, or if a person rendering assistance might be placed at risk from secondary inhalation of toxic gas during mouth-to-mouth, then the means of resuscitation must include a mechanical device.

The first aider must have received specialist training in the use of any specific resuscitation equipment provided.

OCCASIONAL GUIDANCE NOTE The Classification & Management of Confined Space Entries

Emergency First Aid at Work – 1 Day (EFAW).

This is a one-day Emergency First Aid at Work course is suited to those who require the skills to deal with emergency first aid situations.

Completing the course will result in you becoming a qualified emergency first aider who can deal confidently with emergency first aid situations, such as cuts, burns, broken bones, bleeding, shock, the recovery position and how to apply bandages.

First Aid at Work – 3 Days (FAW).

The three-day First Aid at Work course is the ideal qualification to give you a more thorough first aid knowledge and practical skills.

This course will cover the full emergency first aid at work course and how to deal with a variety of minor and major illnesses. You will also be competent in supporting both your team and members of the public with fainting, spinal injuries, stroke, chest pains, heart attacks and other more serious medical issues that may arise at work.

Stretcher Packaging – & – M.A.R.S resuscitator.

This can be offered as a one-day practical addition to the ‘First Aid at Work’ course or a one-day course for currently qualified FAW teams. This course will provide you with the awareness skills and knowledge of casualty packaging and ‘Compressed Air’ mechanical resuscitation practices to support casualties on site prior to emergency services personnel arriving on scene.